Body Painting Package

Sexy models become your canvas.

Life Drawing Models become your canvas

Who is this activity for …well body panting is for everybody with a sense of humour and over 18 😉

Body Painting anybody?

Body Painting will bring back memories of summer music festivals and house parties. This activity will super boost the fun factor. You might even think of getting your faces painted.

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Welcome reception

Easy going reception for 10-15 min. Here you get to know each other. Your model will have everything ready and help you settle in.

The Canvass is ready

Your model will shed his clothing and allow you to start painting. Don't be shy!

Paint back and front

Here the Model will be standing. You need to split your group in 2 teams and allocate a part of the canvass for each member to paint. This should take you about an hour with regular breaks to ease your fits of laughter.

Competition and Photo shoot

We offer you to take pictures of the different parts of the canvass. Then the model will decide the best creation. Which part of his body will get the best price? Here is the ladies deciding 😉

IMPORTANT: We provide aprons and gloves, but make sure that you wear comfortable clothing. All the body paint are easily washed and do not stain. But make sure that you don’t get the paint on your attire for the evening.
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