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A stylish Hen Party Life Drawing Experience

If you are planning a Hen Party or a Ladies Only event, we can offer an amazing opportunity for you to get together and discover your hidden talents. These life drawing packages include a male model that will not only pose in nude for you. He will also make sure that your group has fun and even take photos with your group.  This package is an untaught class; the focus is on having fun. While some of you might leave the venue with aspirations of becoming painters, we will make sure that all of you leave with a big smile and some gossip.

Outline of Life Drawing Package

Welcome introduction

Easy going reception for 10-15 min. Here you get to know each other. Your model will everything ready and help you settle in. If you think that a topless waiter can do a better job at that we have the best available

Quick poses

Pens and Papers out and let the life drawing begin. The model will take a few quick poses to allow the students to make up their mind on the pose that they would like to immortalise.

2 Main Poses

Here the Model will perform 2 poses of 20 min. This should give the ladies the opportunity to create their masterpieces.

Competition and Photoshoot

We have competitions where the model decides on the 3 top creations. Best representation of the model, most innovative drawing and the naughtiest drawing. Secret prizes to be won! You can also take photos with model and have laughs and giggles in the process.


We keep this package teacher free. This way you can explore your talent without any inhibitions. The aim of the package is to create a friendly atmosphere for the party. We will not tie you down in a formal setting that can turn into a chore. For groups that want a formal Art Class we have a dedicated package that provides a tutor and a certificate of accomplishment. ( Linking to Taught Packages)

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Life Drawing Ireland add glamour to your Hen Party

Excellent Customer Service is what keeps our customers coming back. We make sure that the he party organiser is aware of everything in the package. Life Drawing Ireland staff are available 24/7. You can contact us via email, WhatsApp or simply call us.

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