And life drawing Ireland is back

Life Drawing Ireland: Back with a smile CALL US: +353 86 200 2000 Life drawing Ireland went into hibernation like most performers all over Ireland. After careful consideration, we believe it is time to get those towels back to business. Our life drawing models are available for hen party life...

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Hen Party at Home

Hen party at home ideas Hen Party at home because the HSE recommends it. Every bridesmaid in the country is pulling her hair at the moment. With so many venues closed many hen parties in Ireland are finding it difficult to organise activities. Social distancing rules are also making it...

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Life drawing Limerick

CALL US: +353 86 200 2000 Limerick is perfect for a hen party in the west of Ireland. It is close to both Galway and Cork and not far from Kerry. The Shannon estuary can offer amazing places for nature-based activities. The city, while small in size, is mighty in...

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Paint Club for hens – Painting with a naked twist

When you decide to join a hen party paint club, you might ask: \"Are there any paint and wine classes near me?\" Up to even two years ago, you would be getting a definite no. Nowadays you will be spoiled for choice. If you search for paint and prosecco events...

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Life in nude: life drawing hen parties made in your gym

Nude Life Models: From the gym to the studio CALL US: +353 86 200 2000 The gym is like an oven in a sunny Irish day. The nude life adventure of our life drawing models begins in the weights section. Each repetition tears the muscles and the damaged cells will...

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Arty Sketching For Hens – Draw a nude in Ireland

Draw a nude in Ireland CALL US: +353 86 200 2000 While the stripogram and the dutch courage before and after the show are losing their appeal. Yes, you heard it right. Male strippers are going out of business. Or maybe not. A new and exciting hen party activity is...

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Guide for a Life drawing model in Ireland

Dos and Donts of a life drawing model CALL US: +353 86 200 2000 When you decide to become a life drawing model you decide to choose a lifestyle that most people envy. First and foremost you work for yourself. You decide who to work with and how many hours...

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Life Drawing Party vs Ice Skating

CALL US: +353 86 200 2000 It just happens that the ice rinks still open from the Christmas period have dropped their prices. It is also clear that Life Drawing Hen Parties are the new craze in the Hen Party scene. For all the ladies that decided to throw a...

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Life Drawing Poses – A guide for cheeky hens In Ireland

Life drawing poses – Hens study anatomy CALL US: +353 86 200 2000 Let us begin undressing the life drawing models and addressing some hen party needs. While drawing and relaxing are key to our activities, the life drawing poses that our models assume are vital to the fun part of the evening.  When the...

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What is life drawing?

Life Drawing: the jist CALL US: +353 86 200 2000 Life Drawing as an activity for all,  has taken Ireland by storm. Something of an aloof activity for painters and artists, it has become a common activity for the masses. When one thinks of figure drawing the common understanding usually...

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Life drawing hen party – Hens with special talents

Life Drawing Hen party From Paint and Prosecco to  Life Drawing and Pints CALL US: +353 86 200 2000 When it comes to Life drawing hen party organisers must have really squeezed their brain cells. After hen party activities such as knitting, CSI \’Find the groom\’ and other whacky ideas,...

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Paint and Prosecco Hen Party in 2019

What is a Paint and Prosecco evening? CALL US: +353 86 200 2000 The paint and prosecco movement grew out of a need for socialising without having to make more steps going to the bar than your average treadmill session. It is not that art is not on peoples mind....

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Cavan Life Drawing

Cavan Draw a nude activity CALL US: +353 86 200 2000 Cavan is a forgotten county. With barely 100 thousand inhabitants, the green fields of Clones and Belturbet were feeling a bit lonely. But fear not my dear lonely boggers, armies of hen parties and Stag parties will head to...

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Life Drawing Sligo

Sligo Draw a nude activity CALL US: +353 86 200 2000 Sligo is the Queen of the nature-based hen parties. And what a better way to relax after a day battling the waves of the Atlantic than a draw a nude activity in Sligo. Hen Life Drawing Sligo activities will...

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