Life Drawing Poses – A guide for cheeky hens In Ireland

Life drawing poses – Hens study anatomy

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Let us begin undressing the life drawing models and addressing some hen party needs. While drawing and relaxing are key to our activities, the life drawing poses that our models assume are vital to the fun part of the evening. 

When the ladies arrive and their destination of a life drawing session, they already have created an image in their head. That is the image of a stunning young man holding a towel in one hand and a rose in the other. While the towel will be present, the rose might not be. At the end of the day who needs roses when a naked man is waiting for the bride to be.  

The hen party usually starts when the ladies wear the hen party sashes. But the real party starts with the hen party activities. While most of his activities involve some level of walking around in high heels, there are other activities this promote the creative side of the hens.  

A life drawing party is ideal for the kind of ladies that need a break from the pub crawling.  This activity aims to satisfy the eager pencils of the budding artists. At the same time, it can definitely put a cheeky smile on the faces of the shy brides and their churchgoing mothers. 

Life drawing poses – What to paint 

Figure drawing is not as difficult as it seems. You can always start with a general impression of the male nude model. Let\’s assume that you will find your model lying on a couch. There is also a towel strategically placed between his firm thighs. In that case, you could start with a general presentation of his toned body. The way a man presents himself in front of a group of women says a lot about his level of charm.  

Welcome to the Life Drawing Session

Let\’s take the welcoming life drawing poses. Te most common is of a male nude model standing. He is holding a towel centrally positioned and smiling at the incoming flock of hens.  You can paint or draw your nude male model by striking a few lines. Just enough to make up his body posture. You might want to leave face details aside. Especially, if you think that your artistic skills are not up to scratch. Then you can focus on the upper and lower torso by drawing distinct shapes of his muscles. Feel free to draw Flowers or wings around your masterpiece. 

The thinking man pose 

The knee to head poses another favourite during life drawings. the life drawing model he\’s seated and his face covered by his knee while he was holding his lower limbs together. This pose makes it easy for the hens to draw abstract shapes while giggling about the surprise hidden behind his shins. 

The \”sit and chat\” life drawing poses

The next life drawing pose that a hen party is presented with is similar to the above with the key difference of the legs being open. He\’s male part gently touching the surface where he is sitting on. At the same time,  he\’s looking straight at the hens. Some prior planning is necessary so that the bride takes her seat directly opposite the nude male model. With regards to this pose, it is important to draw the models smile.

The Buddha life drawing poses

This pose of male nude model in a meditative state is a favourite among the hens. While the model is sitting still he\’s not really meditating but listening to all the gossips that ladies share during drawing. At an opportune moment, he will be passing comment that will make the whole crowd burst in laughter. This pose is also easy to draw as all you have to is depict the Buddha equipped with a six-pack.

The beach boy pose 

In this pose, the life drawing model is he’s lying on a couch in a relaxing pose. For all that you know, he might fall asleep. However, our life drawing models are entertainers and will drop smart comments every now and then to keep the crowd socializing.

Naked guy on a windowsill 

Sometimes it is not possible to replicate this pose as the neighbours would definitely complain if they saw a naked man on the 2nd floor of the building across the road. In figure drawing, this pose is known as ‘ Pensive nude model on the side’. it is one of the least the less provocative poses. The artists have the opportunity to draw the side of a male torso and attempt adding some facial features to their drawings.

Praying to God life drawing poses

In this pose, the life drawing model has his arms raised to the sky.  his knees firmly on the ground and his head tilted upwards. As he will be wearing no formal attire but his skin the ladies feel free to paint this devout man. Again, in this pose, the male member is pointing downwards following the rules of gravity.

On the chair Life drawing poses

This pose is very straightforward but a bit more difficult to draw. While drawing a nude male model sitting on a chair you might want to consider the angles of the human body and use some shadowing to enhance the muscular presence of your model. 

Hitchhiking nude model pose 

This pose very similar to the ones of any standing life drawing model. At the same time, the gesture of a man hitchhiking Might need some extra work. we would like to remind the hens that under no circumstances you are allowed to give a lift to our models as they have their own means of transport.

The Priapus Life Drawing poses

Not really a pose for life drawing but…In hen party life drawing sessions it is quite common that\’s the ladies go home a masterpiece immortalizing just one part of the male nude model. One might think that it is a bit on The Diiiirty side, but in reality, this drawing is as old as human life. Archaeologists have found drawings of penises in caves from the Iron Age. Priapus was the Roman god blessed or cursed with a permanent erection. As such he was the god of fertility and the warden against evil. 

Remember that a hen party live drawing session is, in fact, a fun party entertainment event. Whatever you decide to draw our male nude models will not judge you. On the opposite, they will make you feel welcome special and be part of your hen party from the moment you walk into the room.

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