Life Drawing Party vs Ice Skating

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It just happens that the ice rinks still open from the Christmas period have dropped their prices. It is also clear that Life Drawing Hen Parties are the new craze in the Hen Party scene. For all the ladies that decided to throw a hen party to shake off the post-holiday blues, there are now alternatives one cannot ignore. So what is a Hen to do? Take the gals to an Ice Rink or pack style and inspiration and head to a Life Drawing Party. Well, officially it is a Life Drawing Class.

Whichever way, there has to be a fun factor in the cocktail mix. Both activities suit more ladies than fellas. Generally speaking, they both require some finesse and some patience, qualities men earn after a long period of house training. We are really going for the classic stereotypes here, but as hen party and stag party organisers we have rarely seen a group of men painting a naked man or woman. Unless you want an impromptu comedy show. As for the ice rink, it is not really fun activity for a bunch of competitive alpha males. Obviously a clear exception are the hockey lads. In Ireland, both Ice rinks and life drawing classes are a Hen party team building activity.

Smiles and Giggles

While quite different from each other, the effect they have on the Hen Party mood is quite similar. An ice rink is full of clumsy amateurs and the rare semi-pro that shows off her skills with ice and blades. Similarly, a Life Drawing party is full of rookies that have never drawn anything bar doodles in the quiet times in the office. Although it is not uncommon that you get an amateur painter that will be able to draw an astonishing portrait of the life drawing model. The main aim of both activities id to offer an original alternative to the Hen party pub crawl.

Life Drawing Party vs Fake Exercising

In reality, the ice rink doesn\’t offer much movement in terms of exercise. It does offer plenty of opportunities for a sore backside though. Life drawing parties offer very safe seats. Unless some of the wilder hens decide to use the life drawing model as a seat, which we neither advise nor tolerate. All in all, life drawing is an exercise for the mind and most importantly the imagination part of it.  The ladies will still be able to pack tons of fun in their masterpiece but in a safe environment

Bubbly and Blades?

This is definitely something that the ladies that want to ice it up for their hen will miss. There is no chance that they will be allowed or be able to carry a bottle of bubbly in the ice rink. But life drawing classes will always allow a sip or two as an ice breaker. Thus for those of you that find the art and bubbly combo attractive the life drawing model can also be your butler and carer.

Life Drawing Party and naked men on ice

One thing is for sure. There will be no nude inspiration on ice. There might be a handsome instructor making sure that you keep your balance, but where is the fun in that. On the other hand, in your draw-a-nude class, you will be able to definitely observe a nude muscly fella and he will be there silent kind and inspirational. You will mostly try to draw his physique, and upon failing that, you just giggle about his qualities with your friends.

Party mood on

A Life Drawing party and an Ice rink bring the party mood to the team in zero time. In both cases, something needs to fall down in order to make the whole team burst with laughter. It really depends on what you would like to see hit the floor. In one case it is one of the girls landing on ice. In the case of the draw a nude sessions, it is the towel around the waist of the life drawing model. It is always a good idea to include an original hen party activity for your weekend away. It sets the tone for the whole hen weekend and helps the girls meet each other.

A musical affair

You might think that listening to the Nutcracker will inspire you to skate. Well actually no. Most of the background music played on Ice Rinks is made for dancing. As most rookies will not be able to do pirouettes on ice, it is best to enjoy the music of a Life Drawing Hen Party. Our company offers state of the art sound systems that can play the music of your choice while you are taking time drawing those perfect lines.

Life Drawing Hen Party Champions

There is one thing that makes the Life Drawing Classes for hens special. The quality of the life drawing models we employ makes the party happen from the very first moment. You don\’t need to come up with ideas to keep the ladies happy when you have live entertainment. Our \”draw-a-nude\” event will showcase the best of local and important male beauty. Let\’s face it, while other activities can be attractive to the general public, attractive men will always be the top preference for hen parties.

Just do what makes you happy!

Both activities offer a great opportunity for the hens to start their hen in a unique yet fun way. Life Drawings will help you get in the right mood for the whole night. But if you are looking for a healthy dose of adrenaline you can always wear your blades. Simply because our male models will send your heart racing with an unhealthy dose of adrenalin.


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