Paint Club for hens – Painting with a naked twist

A hen party paint club: classy but always sassy

Ladies, you are the star of the show. That\’s because every very hen party celebration is an opportunity for a show and entertainment. A group of professional entertainers once upon a time in America came up with a new way to use art as entertainment. They decided to create a fun and arty concept that can answer the needs of a hen weekend like no other. The hen party paint club was born in Las Vegas, the capital of bachelorette parties. Actually, they are known as hen parties in Ireland and the UK. Maybe because for the duration of the party most of the hens run around like headless chickens. It is a trek from the hair salon to the bars. Then a walk from the bar to the restaurant. Then more walks. It is no wonder that the ladies keep a spare pair of ballerinas in their bag. The paint club idea combines two main events of the hen gathering. The reception and the nude guy.
For a long time, male strippers have had a traditional presence in Hen Parties. There is something about nudity and the last night of freedom that always hits the spot. At the same time, some ladies prefer not to have the memory of a male stripper wiping off their makeup with his jocks. Instead, they would rather have a good dose of art and wine. Or maybe wine, wine, some naked art and more wine. And all this, without having the mileage of a second-hand car on their stilettos. Prosecco and paint, draw and sip is the name of the game. It is not a drawing studio, even though artists\’ studios are regularly used as venues.

Painting with prosecco… or pint painting

Painting with prosecco is a perfect activity for ladies nights, especially when the bubbly is served by a hunky male model. But at the same time there are ladies that would exchange their tiny glass of bubbly with a solid frothy pint. What we are saying is that this activity is for every taste. Classy can be pretentious. If a group of ladies the casual setting of a pub to the bare walls of a drawing studio, so be it. It is up to the customers to decide what kind of paint club they want. A sip of art or a pint of painting is always a fresh addition to the busy schedule of the modern hen.

The Object of Art … or desire

The models are usually professional life drawing models. They are used to walking around with a towel around their waist. The physique of your model will not improve your drawing skills, but it will cheer you up. You might go for a normal guy. You know, belly rolls, loads of furry bits and a sense of humour. But wait, we are after describing your husband of 10 years + of marriage. You will not change him for the world, but would you really feel inspired to paint his private parts?
Probably not. That\’s why the most professional paint clubs that cater for hen parties hire good-looking, sculpted young men.
The benefits of hiring a showstopper are many. But the most important is the selfie. It might sound shallow, but the photo journal of the hen party will look better with Angelo the Latino stunner. Dave the biker from around the corner will just make a few eyebrows hit the ceiling.

How to set up a Hen Party Paint Club

When you decide to join a hen party paint club, you might ask: \”Are there any paint and wine classes near me?\”
Up to even two years ago, you would be getting a definite no. Nowadays you will be spoiled for choice. If you search for paint and prosecco events or paint clubs you will find a ton of companies. They are all offering different versions of draw-a-nude, paint and wine or canvass and wine activities. These are all concepts that offer a setting where a sip of art and a sip of gossip are drowned in a fizzy pool. But which paint club activity suits best a hen party?

Life Drawing Paint Clubs

Painting flowers, butterflies or still life doesn\’t cut it for the hens. They are out and about to celebrate, real, vibrant life, not still life. Thus, the draw-a-nude paint clubs are the best option. Art that is there for the sake of art is not serving its purpose. And that is to make people feel inspired. The life drawing hen party activities are best suited for the rowdy hens.

Locations for your Hen party Paint Club … with a twist

Paint clubs are everywhere in Ireland. Langtons Hotel in Kilkenny is a great venue. The same goes for the Carton House Spa in Kildare. Also, The Prince of Wales Hotel in Athlone has a long tradition in art classes. But Dublin girls might want to keep it local and head to Bad Bob\’s in Temple Bar. That\’s where our life drawing models will hold their regular paint and prosecco events.

Drawing vs Painting

Paint clubs will offer a wide range of activities in their programme. Oil painting or watercolour are available. There will a canvass and wine and a resident artist to guide your arty night. The end result includes the canvass which you can take home. But drawing is equally as good. It is also better suited for hen parties. A hen party paint club should really time the activities well. If your activity is for 1,5 hours, then allow half of that for goofing around. The problem or the issue is that painting will take longer. You should really allow for at least 3 hours if you plan to paint a scene. Then there is the issue of where are you going to store that big canvass. You can always pick it up the next day. But where is the fun in that.
Drawing on the other hand is less messy. Pencils do not stain your evening attire. At the same time, you can roll your masterpiece and carry it with you on your pub crawl. If it get crumpled, so what. You can alway strech it and frame it for the sake of memories.
Drawing is also more flexible if you are thinking of adding on a few impressive twists to the plot

The Cocktail Party Paint club

In an effort to replicate a Victorian Evening of art and chit-chat, you can combine your paint and prosecco evening with a cocktail reception. For a naughty undertone, you can add a scantily clad buff butler. He will do the cocktail distribution while you are painting a life drawing model.
For an unforgettable hen party, book you paint club and do not forget to contact Life Drawings Ireland. A proud member of the Hen Party providers in Ireland they will guide you through your arty and tipsy journey.

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