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Corporate Activities tend to be repetitive. While some organisations will opt for the usual bowling and pub crawls can go so far. For open minded modern companies that want to keep their employees engaged and smiling, Life Drawing Ireland has a ton of fun activities to choose from.

Not only a nude male model offers a challenge for the artistic skills of your team, they also can be very entertaining individuals. This is an interactive artistic activity to get the creative juices flowing and see your team interact outside the constrains of an office environment.

Professional performers

The reason why our Life drawing activities are top of the range is simple. Our male models are not only very handsome. They are also very professional and know how to entertain groups of party goers. While the rest of the companies in the field tend to be quite relaxed about the quality of their performers, we employ only professional entertainers

We are reputable company with distinct style and clear processes. We offer 24/7 customer support via phone, text and email.

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Why choose Life Drawing activities for your Office Party?

Office parties need to be fun and inspire your employees about their job and workplace. Team building is tricky affair. There industries that put more emphasis on simple fun that benefits everybody. But if you are looking for an original and engaging team building activity, Life drawings Ireland off the kind of activities that will make them smile. And also have some gossip for the next day.

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Excellent Customer Service is what keeps our customers coming back. We make sure that the he party organiser is aware of everything in the package. Life Drawing Ireland staff are available 24/7. You can contact us via email, WhatsApp or simply call us.

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