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Sculpt a Nude Package

Who is this activity for

Life Drawing Models for budding sculptors

The Sculpt A nude activity is very close to what you did during playschool.  We have plasteline ( also known as plasticine) and air-dry clay. Just that now you are adults and can venture into adult themes. This activity is more commonly known as Sculpt A Penis session. Indeed, while the ladies have a choice of which body part to build, the male member is a favourite during Hen Parties.

Outline of the Sculpt A Nude  Package

Welcome reception

Easy going reception for 10-15 min. Here you get to know each other. Your model will have everything ready and help you settle in.

The Canvass is ready

Your model will shed his clothing and allow you to start creating.

Team Work makes Wonder Work

You can split into teams and focus on the whole vision in front of you. You can also choose a member of the nude model’s body to bring to life.

Competition and Photo shoot

If you are indeed going for just willies, our model will choose the winning piece. Is the willy you built impressive? How about a pair of wings on your favourite creation? The Sky is the Limit when it comes to imagination


Yes, you can take your creation home. But please make sure that it is kept in a safe place. The last thing you want is to have your masterpiece featuring on the dinner table.

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