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Photo gallery with our team. 

Our Team

Our Life Drawing models gallery is full of beauty. Our guys are the best company you can think of during your Hen Party. Check out the photos of our past performances. We guarantee tons of fun and you might even find the artist in you. The ladies take a lot of photos during our Life Drawing Activities, as we have photo shoot time. Make sure that you request the permission from the perform before you take out your camera or mobile and start snapping away. Please feel free to send us the photos and we will feature your creations in our blogs.

PS. This is one part of our team. We have more performers. Ask us on whatsapp for photos.

Who are your Life drawing models?

This life drawing models gallery opens your eyes to the male beauty you will immortalise during your figure drawing class. Our nude models are professional entertainers with years of experience in showbiz. Life drawing models become part of our team after a careful selection process. We vet our guys and train them under the supervision of a professional model for a period of time. Then they become the face and vice of our fun spreading company. Choose your model carefully, and have fun in the process.

Muscles on display

Our life drawing models gallery is full of biceps and triceps. Our guys train regularly and look more like David of Michelangelo and less like Joe the 70-year-old male model from City Council Library. Nothing against painting Joe, but we tend to inspire beauty and youth during a hen party. At the same time, painting Joe’s wrinkles can be a bit challenging for beginners.

Masters of Ceremony

The ability of a man, in nothing but a towel and his confidence, to get the conversation going comes with time. Body confidence brings speech confidence, and our guys have both.

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Excellent Customer Service is what keeps our customers coming back. We make sure that the he party organiser is aware of everything in the package. Life Drawing Ireland staff are available 24/7. You can contact us via email, WhatsApp or simply call us.

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