Life Drawing in Galway

Make sure to make the best of the Art Scene in Galway during your Hen Party. A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Galway starts with a Life Drawing in Galway to get your motivation going. Complete with a Life Drawing Model, your Draw a Nude experience in Galway will make the news in the office. And you can bring your masterpiece with you so you can show your colleagues that your Han Party was highly educational.

Life Drawing in Galway

Galway has art written all over. Life Drawing Ireland has access to wide range of venues, male models and artist that are already established in the Galway art scene. Not far from Eyre Square, we will accommodate you in a superb venue. An artistic journey start with an inspiring moment. In our case a series of inspiring moments will be available to you in the form of handsome young man with little or no clothing. A bit like Adam. We can also put a few apples around him for good measure.

Galway Hen Parties

Galway has so much to offer. The live music, the seafood and the strolls on the promenade of Salthill, will persuade to come back. As the Hen parties involve a lot of activities, Life Drawing can be your starting point for your big night out. On the other hand, you can always arrange such an activity for the night before the actual party. This way the ladies get to now each other and can share gossip and giggles.

What’s included in your Draw a Nude activity

  • Venue and party arrangements
  • Male model and banter
  • Art materiel as needed
  • Art facilitator upon request
  • Competition and Winner Prize
  • Photos with the model
  • Customer support 24/7

Call us to book you special arty party and let the creative juices flow.

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