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A sten or hag party is a combined Stag & Hen Party.  Why would a couple like to spend their last night of freedom together is beyond us. But since it does happen, activities that bring men and women together are important. This activity can be the backbone of your Sten/ Hag party. Indeed team building and feeding the creative side can offer a brilliant way to entertain common friends and family.

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A fully nude male model is artistic but also offers a subtle hint of sensuality. Is this a modern couple that can admire beauty in unison? If so, we can offer the inspiration.

hen party life drawing

Real stunning men. Nude!

The reason why our Life drawing activities are top of the range is simple. Our male models are simply stunning. They are also very professional and know how to entertain groups of party goers.

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A Sten or Hag party is a complex affair. The groups are bigger and with both men are women present, satisfying everybody can be tricky. We offer 24/7 customer support via phone, text and email.

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Excellent Customer Service is what keeps our customers coming back. We make sure that the he party organiser is aware of everything in the package. Life Drawing Ireland staff are available 24/7. You can contact us via email, WhatsApp or simply call us.

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