Life drawing Limerick

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Limerick is perfect for a hen party in the west of Ireland. It is close to both Galway and Cork and not far from Kerry. The Shannon estuary can offer amazing places for nature-based activities. The city, while small in size, is mighty in entertainment. Lately, Limerick has invested in street art. You can see impressive murals all over the city walls. This didn’t happen by chance. The artistic community of Limerick has grown significantly in the last ten years. The city hosts LSAD one of the most prestigious art colleges in Ireland. Many of its students stayed in Limerick after their studies and set up their studios there. The painters love the night and have always enjoyed a pint in the fine establishments of Limerick.  Artists need inspiration and the life drawing Limerick models have proven to be the stunning muses painters need.

With the rise of the hen party scene art classes are not only for the painters. As a form of entertainment, they are a perfect group activity. When it comes to Life drawing Limerick has the male models and venues to keep every punter happy.

Draw a nude activity

What makes your draw a nude activity the best ever Hen party activity in Limerick? The Life Drawing models, the heat and muscle of the Life Drawings Ireland crew. Our guys are seasoned entertainers, stationed locally. We can arrange for your activity to be a formal figure drawing class or a fun-fun ladden break of laughter and entertainment. What you put into something you are bound to get back. With our life drawing hen party you will reap the fun and jokes of the model and the giggles and warmth of the group. This can be the highlight of the hen weekend that you will remember.

Life Drawing Limerick – Hens of the Castle

From King John\’s Castle to nature walks in Castletroy, Limerick is the heart of the forgotten Munster tourist spots. A quick tour of Limerick and county will make your hen special and add loads of photos to your Instagram account. Also, the surrounding villages, like Adaire and Newcastle West, offer a relaxed approach to a hen party. You can organise your draw a nude activity in one of the quaint spaces that country bars and cottages can offer. Then you can explore the nightlife of Limerick, full of characters from a bygone era.  As a rule, most clubs and pubs in the countryside will have a playlist full of the 70s and the 80s. This comes handy if you share your dancing shoes with your nana and her best friend who is single and 75 years of age. What else can bring together your flock? The sexy male nude model of course. So grab your palette and off you go. Limerick is waiting for your last night of freedom.

Local tips

While in Limerick don\’t miss the opportunity to visit the Knapogue Castle. Not as famous as its counterpart around the corner, Bunratty Castle. But it is much more beautiful and you can actually stay in the castle for about 100 PPS.


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