7 reasons why you should choose a Draw-a-Nude hen party activity

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Hen parties can be daunting. From demanding hens to jealous husbands to be, there is a long list of factors to take into account on your hen journey. But brides-to-be need to see the hen party as part of the wedding journey. Many brides plan their wedding to a tee. Every step of the way has a specific meaning, a specific plan attached to it. Not only the ladies make sure that the basics are taken care of, but they also make sure that all the people involved are kept in the loop. The hen party is the turning point of a wedding. From all the hen party activities, your draw-a-nude class is ideal for building Team Hen. The arty and relaxed set up of a life drawing class allows ladies from different walks of life find a common playground.

You could choose a life drawing class because

The bride-to-be needs some arty pampering 

The draw-a-nude class is designed with the bride to be in mind. She will have the centre stage. The life drawing models will tease her a bit, but also give her the chance to show of her painting skills. As this is a social gathering, the model helps the bride socialise with the group. Either by joking and focusing on the bride or by acting as an MC, the model will be by the side of the bride for most of the time. He can assist the bride in introducing the ladies to each other, and creating a cocktail party atmosphere.

The hens insist on the naked touch

You might have a few hens in the group that are dying to get a stripper. At the same time, you might have some ladies that would cringe at the thought. The draw-a-nude activity is ideal for both. The naughty hens can focus on the main muscle while the rest can draw the sculpted biceps. The beauty of this hen weekend activity is that it is versatile. You can spice it up with a couple of Buff butlers, or tone it down with the presence of an Arts Facilitator. The latter can have the function of a chaperone, making sure the group keeps drawing instead of asking the model for his number.

The Draw-a-nude activities work for any time of the day

This is an activity that you can serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is hard to find an activity that can suit any time of the day. Most adrenaline-fuelled hen party activities suit the morning time. And most pub based activities the night. Ideally, your life drawing class will happen in the early afternoon. But if you enhance with other services, such as a buff butler cocktail party or a karaoke party it can turn into the highlight of the night. As it turns out Life Drawings Ireland, can help you with both. Our life drawing models have also DJ and Cheeky Butler options. So you can enjoy the presence o the model, and after finishing your draw-a-nude class, you can turn your hen cottage into a night club. We offer state of art sound systems and your Butlers/ MCs can spin the decks till the wee hours – if the neighbours don\’t call the Garda.

The draw-a-nude activity provides the best souvenirs

Instead of ordering t-shirts and bric-a-brac as souvenirs for your hen party, your masterpiece can be framed for the occasion. Some hen parties make sure to include the best drawing in the wedding book. If you are thinking of adding some DIY arty souvenirs to your hen night, then make sure to let the organisers know about it. In this case, it is best that you use the same size drawing pads as the wedding book pages. Alternatively, you can make a photo album of the hen night including photos of the life drawing session.

The life drawing classes are available nationwide

If you choose to hire life drawing models as part of your hen party activities, our company can arrive at your doorstep anywhere in Ireland. You will be able to host a drawing class in your rented accommodation or your chosen venue. While most hen party activities are based around the general tourist activities of the area, the life drawing classes can be delivered almost anywhere. For example, if you are camping or glamping, a good few activities are out of the question. But with life drawing models that can hike to your remote glamping location, all the fun is at arm\’s reach.

The set up for the draw a nude activity is simple to execute

All you need is space and inspiration. With the help of our life drawing models, your space will transform into an art studio. The model is the key feature of the event. The ladies will be able to relax in their chosen environment instead of adding mileage to their heels.

The Draw a nude activity has many varieties

You can turn it into paint party with a body painting session or you can opt for a sculpt a nude session instead. The activity in itself is simple yet effective. It makes the hens work together and apart but most of al works wonders as an ice breaker.

If you are looking to book a draw-a-nude, sculpt a nude or a body painting activity, do not miss the opportunity to get to know our life drawing models. They are the hosts that every hen party should hire. Call us for a no-commitment quote 😉


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