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Hen party at home ideas

Hen Party at home because the HSE recommends it.
Every bridesmaid in the country is pulling her hair at the moment. With so many venues closed many hen parties in Ireland are finding it difficult to organise activities. Social distancing rules are also making it difficult to rub baby oil on a stripper. While all the usual bundles of hen party activities are becoming impossible, there a few ideas that can save the day. Hen party ideas for home are trending lately. You can turn your house into a mini disco, enjoy the rain in your back garden, or solve a CSI mystery in your apartment. Imagination knows no limitations, even when being 2 meters apart is the new norm. A hen party at home doesn\’t have to be boring.
Every challenge is an opportunity. The pubs night still ask you to get out in 90 min, and the activity centres around the country are empty. At the same time the camping and glamping sites are packed. House parties are popping up everywhere. Planning a hen party at home
If you’ve been tasked with planning a hen party at home, then the bar is high. But you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of great ideas to keep the bride-to-be entertained.
A hen night from the comfort of your own home can start with a brainstorming session. Get a Whatsapp group going and start coming up with those brilliant ideas to make the bride blush.

Spa Hen party at home

Pros: There is no massage involved. So you don\’t have to worry about the nudity part.
Cons: DIY waxing might go terribly wrong.
Every bride-to-be deserves some pampering before her big day. If you have a beauty therapist in your circle of friends, make sure to invite her. This hen party activity doesn\’t have to be copied and pasted from your favourite salon.
But make sure to have at least one aspect covered. Avoid specialised treatments. If you are not a health and wellness practitioner then keep your hen night light on the treatments. Nails and hair are easier to tackle than waxing or massages. A make-up artist could brighten up things and get you in the mood for the wedding day preparations.

Hen Party Life Drawing

Pros: Muscles and charm delivered to your doorstep.
Cons: Your neighbour might call in while you are focusing on drawing those perfect lines.
The creative side of the hen party comes to life with a hen party life drawing class. This home hen party activity is perfect for those that want to add a naughty tone to the evening. Hen parties tend to favour some type of male nudity. Choose a professional life drawing model in order to have the art studio atmosphere in the house. A good addition is to have a photoshoot after the drawing class. You can come up with props and create a mini album for your hen night. You can self publish a little booklet that will bring back all those funny moments for your wedding. Send every hen a copy as a surprise and ask them to open it on the day of the wedding.
Are you planning a hen party? Get a friendly quote for a classy life drawing class here. Are you looking to impress the bride and your fellow hens? Our life drawing models will make sure that your homebound hen night becomes the talk of the town.

Sushi Bar Hen Party at home

Pros: It is a team effort. All the hens can have a go at rolling these rice delights.
Cons: You might end up calling the local chipper if cooking is not your forte.
Sushi is the food that most hen parties prefer. You need one hand to consume it. The other hand can clinch a bottle of prosecco or a camera phone. For an added effect you can all dress in kimonos and pretend to be Japanese royalty. For a naughty tone, you can bring back the tradition of consuming sushi layered on top of a good-looking model. Even though, such a hen party game can be a bit risqué.

Cocktail Bar and Topless Waiter

Pros: You get to pretend you are a mixologist.
Cons: A combination of spirits and emotions can take a toll on the head in the morning.
You can turn your hen into a cocktail making competition. Combine this experience with a Buff butler, and the giggles won\’t take long to appear. You can rent a pop-up bar. If you have ample road frontage, a minibar can make your garden the focal point of the hen party. This crowd makes inflatable pubs for hire. You can all have a go at making cocktails. Another way of turning this activity into a fully comprehensive hen experience is to get your topless waiter to rate your cocktails. How about you have a go at naming them? Name each cocktail after an event or after the groom and the bride. Something like John\’s hairy chest will definitely make the bride blush.

Hire a private chef

Pros: You get to taste fine dining at the comfort of your home.
Cons: A ton of washing up after your hen party at home.
With so many restaurants closing their doors, a lot of world-class chefs have started freelancing. Contrary to the rumours, most private chefs price their services cheaper than a restaurant meal. You don\’t have to think about food for your hen party. Most chefs will also recommend a selection of wines to go with their menu. Your home will turn into a fine dinning spot for your night.

Bake Off Hen Party

Pros: You get to show off your baking skills
Cons: Forget your pre-wedding diet for the night
Your hen party will look like a baking TV show. You can hire a professional chef to guide you, or appoint a master baker for the night. Some organisation is needed here. It is good to come up with some cupcake type goodies and some homemade truffles. This page has some easy and impressive ideas. A good idea is to keep your alcohol intake low. Sweets go well with coffee and tea, so maybe a barista could bring some expertise on board. Your bride\’s last night of freedom will be a night of indulgence.

Cheeseboard and Wines Hen party at home

Pros: Cheese and wine are the hens\’ best friends
Cons: Cheese is addictive, you can never stop eating it
A hen party is, in essence, a girls\’ night out. In our case a girls night in. Cheese is always a great way to accompany the wine. Add some dried fruit and nuts in the mix and the conversation will be flowing. You can add other activities that fit the formula. A marathon of \”Sex and the City\” complete with themed dresses can tie well with the hen mood. Basically, once you have cheese and wine sorted, anything else is an added bonus.

Garden Glamping with your hens

Pros: You get to see the star from your back garden
Cons: Rainy days will send everybody inside.
Hiring a yurt might set you back a few hundred euros, but you will get hold your hen in your own fairy castle. Childhood memories of camping in Wicklow and festivals with muddy fields all in one. Camping in your own back garden is not for every hen. But if your bridal party is full of active hens, then you are onto a winner. Add a BBQ to the setup and you will be feeling cosy in your blankets while stuffing your face with freshly grilled burgers.

Classy Afternoon Tea

Pros: You feel like you are in a posh hotel in Killarney
Cons: Mixing a gallon of tea with vodka shots might not agree with you
A posh pyjama party in disguise, this hen party idea is one of the most glamorous and comfy hen nights you could ever organise. You can order online a treasure chest of cupcakes and treats and enjoy them in your favourite attire. You can dress in retro outfits or combine flawless makeup with your best jim-jams. Hen party activities have to include all the ladies. So make sure that there is a good balance of relaxing with your fellow hens as well as a good measure of partying. This activity is for hens that like their comfort and you can time best in the early afternoon. For a bit of extra spice, you can hire a buff butler to serve the cupcakes in a skimpy apron.

Hen Party at Home Disco Night

Pros: You get to dance your cotton socks off in your own living room
Cons: Things get out of hands and the neighbours might call the Guards.
A house party for the occasion of the hen will bring the club in your living room. You can all put together a bridesmaids\’ playlist and choose your theme for the night. Who will say no to a 70s night complete with Abba songs and the unforgettable bell trousers? Or maybe an eighties night full of the music of New Romantics. You can allocate a DJ for the night, or take turns so that nobody fights over the decks. You can also make sure that one of the more sensible ladies makes the shots.

Henny Fun Craft Party

Pros: Relaxing and creative hen night
Cons: It might turn into a kindergarten with the hens fighting over which design is best.
This hen activity is for the crafty hens. From flower arrangements to hand made invitation wedding cards, the arts and crafts night will be all about the wedding. Combine this with hen party games, like an MR & MRS quiz and finish the afternoon off with a good few celebratory toasts.

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