Life in nude: life drawing hen parties made in your gym

Nude Life Models: From the gym to the studio

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The gym is like an oven in a sunny Irish day. The nude life adventure of our life drawing models begins in the weights section. Each repetition tears the muscles and the damaged cells will keep growing. The banana flavoured protein shake awaits for the training to end. After the gym session, our models will head home and pick up their professional attire. Towels, props and smiles. All carefully packed in their gym bag. Then some struggle with parking in Dublin or Galway. Or the usual problem with the signal of the GPS being lost in the countryside. They will present the results of their hard training to a group of giggling hens. Is this the business of the future for the gym lads?

Why are so many gym obsessed men becoming life drawing models? And what is so attractive about life drawing hen parties. Is nude life the answer to all their problems. Let’s explore together the fascinating world of nude life models.

Life Drawing Hen Parties come to life

The hen party is a delicate affair. Choosing activities to keep all the ladies happy can be a daunting task. But nude drawing always brings the trophy home. Life drawing as a hen party activity is well known in the UK and the US. Hens with pens, Dicktionary, brushes and bubbles and paint and prosseco are some of the names that the hen party organisers use to describe this 90 min affair to their clients. In Ireland, we like the title \”life drawing hen party\” because it is simple. We want to offer a simple answer to a complicated event.

All humans are artists. To some degree, we all express art in our lives. When we arrange furniture or choose wallpaper designs we visualise what is beautiful for us. And for those of us with a sensual side, a naked guy is art. A Dublin hen party will include some pub crawling, some essential shopping and ultimately a civilised dinner. As hens tend to favour high heels and sashes, most of their activities will be located within a half an hour walking distance from their coop. That makes the studio spaces in Dublin\’s artistic quarters a prime location for life drawing classes. The drawing hens can benefit from practising their artistic skills and their people-watching skills.

The nude life of good-looking men

Did we say people-watching? You see eye candy is the type of candy that doesn\’t add to your calorie count. It does add to heart rate if you end up drawing a sexy naked man. BS will say some ladies and they are right. Beauty is beauty, with or without clothes. Nude drawing gives an opportunity to young men that have shed blood sweat and tears in the gym to make their debut as professional eye candy. How many men dream of standing naked in front of a group of women and get paid for it? Ask your male friends, you will be shocked by the answers. There is a practical side to it too.

If men that spend a serious amount of hours in the gym, look to make money from their muscles, where do they go? Bouncers? Maybe, but not everybody has the nerve for it. Strippers? Ok, but dancing classes and training adds to the schedule. Personal trainers? Yes, but the market is full. Furthermore, not everybody has the patience to teach. In a life drawing hen party session the life model as to be still polite and good looking. Can you do all the above? If yes, there is a place for your well-formed biceps in a drawing class.

Naked men: Fun and art in hen party sessions

The reason why nude drawing sessions are so popular with hens is their fun part. The life model is not a distant memory. Here wannabe life drawing models might want to take notes. The nude models in many cases are the entertainers. So if you find drawing a bit boring, try drawing and joking. Or drawing and taking selfies with a naked guy. Even better drawing the bride-to-be next to naked guy. Irish humour is famous all over the world so expect the unexpected from the moment you enter the room.

Poses and doodles

The question is; what will aspiring future nude models need to do? Their physique and personality are traits Life Drawing Ireland cannot teach. But when it comes to holding poses our fully trained nude models can teach you how to control your muscles. There is an art to holding one\’s muscles still for 30 minutes straight. We will give you a full step-by-step session in how to look like a classical sculpture even when tickled with a feather. By the way, don\’t worry, we will not allow any feathers in the session. Another obstacle that future life models feel afraid of is their lack of artistic knowledge. Experience in fine arts is not necessary. The hens will not be able to learn figure drawing in one session.

But we do make an effort to teach life models the basics of drawing. Learning how to draw lines or express motion with a pencil and a white paper is not that difficult. When every attempt to teach art fails, we teach them to make good doodles.

Nude life and nudists

Just because our naked models spend a few hours per week in the nip, that doesn\’t mean they are nudists. Let us explain. Nudists are people that like being nude in their everyday life. Some people do it because they like the freedom the lack of clothing gives them. Some others because deep inside they are exhibitionists and want to provoke the attention of others. In the case of life drawing models, hen party companies make sure not to hire any of the above naked militants. Hen parties are a mix of everything, they are a micrograph of society. So you will get the shy gals, the brazen lasses and the church-going ladies all in the same room.

The last thing you want is a nude model that uses his member like a cowboy uses a lasso. Unless all the ladies are of the same somehow diverse mindset. Then we even provide the cowboy hat.

Where do we find our life drawing models?

Actually, since the hen parties started doing life drawing sessions, there are a lot of offers coming our way. But the main cities our nude life models come from are Galway, Dublin and Cork. We do get a few guys from the countryside, but we have issues with finding a place to park their tractors.  But they all have one thing in common. The Gym is their second home and the drawing studio their hangout.

Our Locations

You can experience the amazing nude life models of Ireland in the comfort of your own house party with the supervision of our artists. Or without, cos who wants a teacher in the class when you want to have fun.

Find us in Dublin, Galway, Wexford, Waterford, Sligo, Kilkenny, Carrick on Shannon and Nationwide.


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