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Draw a nude in Ireland

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While the stripogram and the dutch courage before and after the show are losing their appeal. Yes, you heard it right. Male strippers are going out of business. Or maybe not. A new and exciting hen party activity is gaining momentum. The Hen Party Life drawing activity is based on a simple concept. Draw a nude life drawing models will help your group of hens to get the giggles going. If you are looking for alternative hen party ideas, this is the one to keep in mind. The concept does keep the good looking male presence as the surprise element. At the same time, it is a tasty and stylish affair.

The Life Drawing Hen Party the bride will love

As the saying goes, he who dares wins. There is no prize to take home unless you want to hijack one of our life drawing models. But the experience of a lifetime that the life drawing hen party offers is worth taking a plunge in the unknown world of fine arts. There some parts of the hen party that will always remain a bit tacky. Bright coloured sashes and penis-shaped balloons, hen party dares and shot competitions. We assume that such traditions will be there no matter what. At the same time, there is space for some classy themes. If a hen party has a theme, it makes perfect sense to use the Draw a Nude session as a space to display your hidden talents. But what makes or breaks such an amazing night. Let\’s explore together the ingredients that go into that draw a nude special soup.

The Model

This is the most important part of a draw a nude experience. The life drawing models come from a variety of backgrounds. They are visually appealing, creative in their performance and most of all polite hosts. Bare in mind that you are entertaining a group of hens. As a result, having a host you can count on for giggles and stylish presence is of paramount importance. The models will engage the group in banter and also spur the painter in you. The Draw a nude models are of course nude male models. It is a good idea to warn the prudes in your hen of the partial yet prevalent nudity of the men that will be your entertainers and inspiration for the evening.

The Draw a nude  activity

This is a figure drawing exercise. We prefer the word exercise rather than class. Honesty goes a long way, and most Life Drawing Hen Party companies are not Schools of Art and Design. They are in fact cells of creation. The aim is to make a hen night memorable, not mark up or down the drawings of the guests of your hen party. As a rule, there is an introductory part where the life drawing models explain the rules of the \”game\”. While it is simple in its concept, it is importnat to follow the guidelines. The hens are there to draw a nude male model and this is the primary task at hand. The poses include a few 5-10 minute poses that the male model will take to get your first lines on the blank canvass going. Then there are 3 long poses where you will experience the still muscles of the model in full view. The drawing part is the most relaxing part of the experience. Think of it as yoga without the muscle stretches. Actually the model will be doing the stretching if you wish. Most of our models have a long-standing relationship with the gym so you will get plenty of inspiration for your next gym session too. The final part bring the group back to socialising. A bit of competition will leave the model to judge the best drawing. And he will make sure that the bride wins the prize. The obligatory photo shoot nicely rounds off the session and the hen night can continue in a more active manner.

The customer service

The companies that perform the Life Drawing Hen Party classes have mostly a background in event management. Thus, do not expect to come out of the class with the knowledge to redecorate your walls at home. But what they do offer is a seamless experience during your Draw a nude activity. Actually, Life Drawing Ireland will take care of the venue arrangements, provide the hen organisers with a choice of life drawing models and all the art materiel needed to make the Arty Draw a Nude Party happen.  The customer service is much more important than the saucy posts on Instagram or the gimmicks that hen party companies give away. Who needs another plastic moustache for the evening when the life drawing model is a resident of the local nursing home? Most importantly, there is someone that will answer the phone if the ladies get lost or need to change arrangements at the very last moment.

Draw a nude Buff Butlers

Did you know that your life drawing models can be your waiters? This extra service is ideal for bigger hen parties. The presence of another sexy man in the buff will crank up the temperature but the Irish Weather calls for it. We make sure that the models work hand in hand to serve you and keep you smiling throughout the evening.


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