Guide for a Life drawing model in Ireland

Dos and Donts of a life drawing model

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When you decide to become a life drawing model you decide to choose a lifestyle that most people envy. First and foremost you work for yourself. You decide who to work with and how many hours you work for. You get to smile and get paid for it by the minute. Or by the smile. Yes, you do need to pose naked for the artists, but if one is comfortable with their body that is just part of the fun. In the beginning, most life drawing models to be are a bit on the shy side. But apart from the simple task of dropping the towel, what other aspects do life drawing parties involve.

Who is the ideal candidate for a life drawing model career?

Our guy, as imagined by our concept designer and adept erotica writer, is tall, handsome and has a well-defined physique. Some times size matters. He is also friendly, polite and could charm the pants off a nun.

What is the work ethos of Life drawing Ireland?

Our guys are never late…and if they get stuck in traffic our team will find a way to bring the model or his replacement to you, even if we have to hire a chopper.

What about personal grooming as Life Drawing Model?

Male grooming is a bit of a hot topic lately. So why bother one would ask. We are aware that some artists look for male beauty of all kinds. Since our clients mainly attend Life drawing hen parties, we need our guys to be well-groomed and if possible, waxed. Yes, you heard right. Smoothe surfaces are easier to paint than wild bushes. At the end of the day, if the ladies wanted to paint body hair they could get their male partners to do it for free. So look good, smell good and shine inside and out if you are to become the next naked hero for our Life Drawing Classes

Why do your models have to be in shape?

This is the trick. Ok, let’s say that we get a group of hens that for their Life Drawing Hen party are looking for the beer belly type. What happens when he is required to stay still for 30 or 40 minutes. If the muscles cannot hold the body in position then you don’t have a long pose. And we are aware that Hen Parties are fun, but we need to stick to the rules. If you can’t hold a pose you can’t become a male nude model. So back to the gym boys!

Do the life Drawing hen party models have to interact with the audience?

Absolutely. YES! As a life drawing model for hen parties, one is an entertainer and MC. So our models are expected to help the trembling hands of the ladies. They also make sure that the smiles and giggles keep coming. So cracking jokes, keeping the convo alive and embarrassing the bride is totally ok.

What do you usually that other models don’t do?

Our life drawing models take phone calls and help with the setup of the room. Art Studio models take off their clothes and pose. Our models are more active than that, and they get paid more than the average naked guy in an Art College

Do we always have to be naked?

Yes, you do. It is not life drawing if life is covered with clothes. If the clients want less nudity we can include semi-clothed poses to keep the prudes happy

What is a definite turn off for a life drawing class?

Socks! If you enter the class naked but wearing socks consider yourself redundant.

What type of models are not suited for Life Drawing Hen Parties?

The primadonna type. All our guys are stunning, fun but also very easy going. We are not going to support anyone that sits on a pedestal and expects to be worshipped. What sets us apart is our customer care.

What is the most fun part of the job?

Well, getting paid :). Actually, Most of our life drawing models love the final photoshoot. We offer the party the opportunity to take photos with the model and this the highlight of the activity.

What is the one thing that could you sacked?

Forgetting the towel at home. If you don’t have the towel the magic is gone. No towel – no job. Just joking. We make sure that all our models get the proper training. So far we haven’t sacked anybody.


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