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Life Drawing as an activity for all,  has taken Ireland by storm. Something of an aloof activity for painters and artists, it has become a common activity for the masses. When one thinks of figure drawing the common understanding usually revolves around a silent room with a nude figure in the middle and painters etching their canvasses slowly. But does it have to be that way?

First, let’s have a look at some of the basics of this artistic endeavour:

What is Life Drawing ?

Life drawing is an artistic activity. Apart from being the foundation of painting classes, it can be an enjoyable activity for all. In a life drawing class, the participants draw figures of the model. The model, as a rule, is a nude model. Life drawing helps artists transfer life on a canvass.

What do you need for a life drawing class?

The key features of a nude drawing class are the life drawing model and the artists. One will also need painting materiel. Most life drawing classes will use drawing pads and pencil. As the artists progress in their career, they can choose the medium that suits them best. Charcoal, watercolours and oil are also used for life drawing sessions. Most of all one will need patience and motivation.

Do you need easels for figure drawing?

Most artists and amateur artists that take part in figure drawing classes prefer to work on sketchbooks. This is perfect if your sketchpad is no bigger than A4. Easels make life easier for pads that are A3 or bigger. One will definitely use an easel for oil or watercolour painting .

What is a life drawing model?

A life drawing model is a nude male or female model. Their role is to take different poses in order to inspire the painters to depict different forms of the human body.

What makes a good life drawing model?

A good life drawing model displays a fine physique and is pleasant to work with. While artists are trained to paint any type of the human body, classic painting tends to favour well defined muscular bodies. The latter can be easily portrayed with lines and techniques that have appealed to the audiences since the beginning of fine art.

What is a draw a nude activity?

Both figure drawing classes and draw-a-nude activities have a good few common characteristics. Pens, pads, nude models… But the draw a nude activity is primarily an event aimed at entertaining a group of people and not teaching fine art.

Who is the draw a nude activity for?

Such activities are suitable for hen parties, corporate events or social gatherings. As the models are nude the participants need to be of age. Drawing can be a relaxing activity and allow for a calm and polite interaction between the participants.

Are figure drawing activities suitable for the ladies?

The sight of a fit male nude model brings giggles and admiration. Nudity remains a taboo with which we play hide and seek. While in normal interactions nudity is not acceptable, in the context of art and entertainment it creates a positive vibe. Hen parties have always had an element of male beauty in them. Thus, such an event can make a hen party stand out from the rest of wine-fueled hen party activities

What are the benefits of hiring a life drawing model for your hen?

Here you need to be careful. Any naked guy can, in reality, be a model for a figure drawing session. But for a party, you need an entertainer. Only highly skilled models can make sure that the drawing class turns into a social gathering. When you hire a professional male model, you know that he will make the ladies smile. Being comfortable with nudity in front of a group of ladies is one thing. Joking, socialising and keeping the positive mood going is something that brings life to a hen party.

Paint and Prosecco vs Draw a Nude… who wins?

Such events are usually centred around still life. Usually, they are social gatherings that help groups of people have a good time. But there is one major difference. There are no nude models. The subject of the artistic journey is regularly a vase or a bunch of flowers. It is more like a group event for people that like colouring books. Each painting is a reproduction of an existing painting that the organisers provide. In the end, everybody goes home with the exact copy of a painting. While a lot of people find such activities interesting, if there is no nude dude there are no shy giggles. And if there are no shy giggles there is no fun.

Draw a nude activities, paint and prosecco and other pastimes with naked men

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