Hen party Arty activities – Which package to choose

Hen party arty activities

The rise of the henspiration trend

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Hen parties in Ireland are becoming a staple part of the weekend away scene. Indeed, there is the tradition of the last night of freedom but there is also the trend of a weekend away that is here to stay. Dublin or Carrick on Shannon?  Kilkenny or Galway. The hen weekend away makes up a good proportion of the weekend away revellers in the Irish world. Draw a nude, Bodypainting, life drawing classes and sculpt a nude classes are some of the activities that the ladies in hen party sashes will undertake with passion and dedication. Needless to say, there is a certain significant number of martinis, glasses of bubbly and classic pints waiting to be consumed in between.

The hen party need careful organisation. As the ladies compete on how to throw the best party for their bestie, the pub crawl and dinner combo just doesn\’t excite the crowds anymore. Don\’t get us wrong – there is nothing wrong with a spa weekend or a male stripper and a few tequilas. At the same time, repetition is the mother of useless hangovers. Thus the hen party scene is now full of new ideas to spend money and time. Some of them are just desperate attempts from hen party organisers to make their menu look longer. When you look at things like knitting classes or manicure masterclasses the jaw drops. One will have to wonder what was going through the mind of the person who decided to add such services. Knitting a Christmas jumper is exactly what a young bride wants to do in 2020. Life Drawing experiences are a good option for hen party goers looking for something different.

Life Drawing Hen Party Package

This a package that appeals to the shy bride to be. When the group has decided that the usual stripper and drinks combo will probably not go down very well with the granny or the bride then the life drawing activity is a good solution. It also sets the tone for the night. A hen night that begins with a life drawing class tends to be a bit tamer than one that starts with a full monty show. The figure drawing activity usually lasts for about 90 minutes, but you can find different versions from different providers.

One key question is the addition (or not) of an instructor. Bearing in mind that this is a hen party activity and not a National College of Arts and Design class, most hens opt for a life drawing model and a studio space. Also, the studio space is not a must. A comfortable function room in a hotel with ample light and easels works just the same.

One thing though that no hen should neglect is the quality of the life drawing models. Art Studios tend to offer a variety of looks and body types. This includes the male model in his golden years or the heavily tattoed neighboorhood exhibitionist. Most respectable life drawing companies will make sure that the models are in top shape. Pleasant to the eye and professional are the key requirements for these entertainers.

A boost for your whole hen crew

This package fits well with other activities such as cocktail master class or a makeup master class. As a rule, a hen weekend away will have a couple of key activities. If your hen party is visiting another city, a pub crawl can also be a good way to explore another part of Ireland. Stags tend to choose a part of the city overcrowded with pubs and hit on after the other like flipper ball. Hens, on the other hand, are a bit more organised. They will tend to visit bars in different areas of the city so that they can explore the city as well as test their alcohol stamina for the wedding. In any case, the arty feeling that this activity leaves you will be present or the night. The nude male model, on the other hand, will be present on the memory of your phone.

Sculpt a nude hen party packages

The difference between the draw a nude and sculpt a nude packages is that the male model is much more engaged in the artistic process in the latter. Sculpt a nude is like a play dough class for adults. It involves some artful work, but it is mainly a gathering for the hens to chat and giggle. The common point of reference is the nude male model. While the life drawing class is more of a silent affair and requires some time alone, the sculpt a nude experience is all about teamwork.

The ladies will work together to replicate in artistic clay some body part of the life model. Most of the times they all walk away with a clay penis in their bag. Some of the clay penises end up as decorations in bars. Some other such sculptures cause a good bit of controversy if discovered by unsuspecting members of the family.

The level of difficulty is also another reason why hens go for this hen party activity. Compared to life drawing it is much easier. Most hen organisers will throw in this activity at the beginning of the hen weekend. This is done on purpose. Messing around with clay under the influence of prosecco is never a good idea.

Life Drawing and Buff butlers package

When class is the name of the game, hens don\’t hesitate to throw in a few extra pennies. It makes sense to go large if your ideal hen party involves less walking around and more relaxed socialising. When you combine a life drawing class with a butler service you have the best of both hen party services in one place. The ladies can enjoy drawing a nude male model while another semi-nude buff butlers makes sure the glasses are full and that the smiles keep coming. While some might think of such an arrangement quite extravagant, it makes sense if you have a big group of hens to entertain. Most hens treat this as a hen party reception. Ideally, the set up of a buff butler service works as an ice breaker and the life drawing activity makes the team gel together.

Bodypainting Hen Party Package

While the Arty Hen party activities appeal to a more mature crowd, this particular package is for the young gals. Or the young at heart. Here the canvass is a naked guy. You get paints, wear gloves and paint to your heart\’s delight all his bits. This is the funniest part of all. You get to chat to your model – your canvass – and crack jokes with him. It really helps to have onboard a professional entertainer as your nude model. Just any good looking guy will not be able to handle a full-on hen experience. As the experience is a bit dirty, most organisers provide aprons and gloves. At the same time make sure not to show up in expensive garbs as soilage is the full responsibility of the hen.

In order to make the best decision with regards which arty party you are in need of, speak to our amazing team.


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