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Life Drawing Hen party

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When it comes to Life drawing hen party organisers must have really squeezed their brain cells. After hen party activities such as knitting, CSI \’Find the groom\’ and other whacky ideas, at last something that everyone can enjoy. Life drawing or figure drawing, if you want to be precise, has been around for centuries. The Art College students dread it. It is one of the most difficult parts of their training. That, of course, if one is practising the professional standards of the craft.

At the same time, the simplest forms of figure drawing have been present in public spaces since the Roman times. You guessed it right. Penis doodles have been found painted on Hadrian’s Wall . Yes, that\’s the wall that the Romans built to keep the Scots out and failed. People still draw in their free time. Figures of sexual desire or simply outlines of features they find impressive fill the pages of notebooks, newspapers and even GP coffee table books.

Life drawing can be relaxing and if done with the right company, it can bring out the social arty beast. Ladies that dine, have always enjoyed this noble pastime. The victorian garden had always a space for an easel and a stool that the lady of the house used to paint the lush nature. The Victorians were also very keen on exploring the human body. Life drawing took life in this period and life drawing clubs started popping up all over the now-defunct empire.

Paint and Prosecco in the nip

The older and tamer cousin of Life drawing is known as Paint & Prosecco. These events have different subject of painting, which in most cases involves a part of the venues surrounding. Flowers, Dogs or paintings that you simply copy consist the main themes. Such events have been around since the 70s combining art and social networking.

Nowadays, life drawing for Hens and ladies nights is not as sophisticated. At times, an artist and a model provide the ideal setup for a life drawing class. But if the activity is geared towards a fun experience, then a nude life drawing model is enough. As long as he is good looking. Having gained experience in the field we can give a few examples of why the Ladies that party – rather than the ladies that dine – attend such fine arts events.

The arty hens

As the fine arts have a very good following in Ireland, there are a good few Hen Parties that would combine a Life drawing hen party event with a trip to the National Gallery. These hen parties are tame compared to the groups of lasses that come from across the Irish sea to storm Temple bar. You will find such ladies enjoying a walk in the botanical gardens before they take their seats in front of a Life drawing model. Probably, most of them will also dine in the likes of Fade Street Social and enjoy cocktails in Sophie\’s.

Life drawing hen party since they have done everything else

When a group of ladies have done more than 10 hen parties each, they can run out of ideas. Once they have done the Cube activity, CSI activity and the Zorbing activity, they will tend to try something different. A figure drawing class is something that most ladies should experience once in a lifetime. Some will appreciate the peace and quiet, some will appreciate the young nude model. Some others will appreciate the chance to draw and have something to show for their efforts.

The Life drawing Hen Party as an Icebreaker

At times the Hen party is a mixed crowd. Mothers-in-law and sisters-in-law from across the ocean, childhood friends and annoying neighbours, everybody shows up. One activity to bind them all….and let the ladies figure out who to avoid for the rest of the night is the life drawing hen party. It is also a good way to get to know each other at a relaxed pace. The introduction part with a life drawing model displaying his physique can bring a few smiles and topics of conversation to break the ice and let the party begin.

The Shy Bride Life drawing Hen party

The drawing class for the shy lass is a solution in the case that the bride has made it crystal clear that she doesn’t want a male stripper. But the tradition of having a bare male hunk in the ladies-only gathering is old and strong. So the rest of the ladies bring onboard a professional life drawing model. This way the ladies that feel like enjoying a bit of eye candy while pretending to draw get their fill. As for the bride to be she as the choice to pose with the nude male model or ignore the whole thing and create a masterpiece to hang on her negative equity house walls.

Life drawing to please the golden age

What happens if all the aunties and grandmothers, and the grandmothers\’ sisters decide to join the Hen Party. Surely you can\’t take them down to the pub and spend the rest of the nights doing rounds of jagger bombs. A drawing class offers peace and quiet, and chairs. Chairs, in this case, are important. Thus all the golden age ladies get to wish the young bride well and peer over their glasses at a nude man. What has the world come to….

The naughty surprise Life Drawing Hen Party

This particular version that our company offers is not that tame….like not tame at all, at all. We are talking about an evening complete with a life drawing model and buff butlers in their short aprons. Yes, not one but 3 nude men in the mix. At a given moment in time, the three lads join forces together for a dance routine. In a few minutes, the drawing studio becomes a dance floor. The hen party an join in or enjoy the performance. This is ideal for big groups of hens that can dance their socks off.


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