Paint and Prosecco Hen Party in 2019

What is a Paint and Prosecco evening?

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The paint and prosecco movement grew out of a need for socialising without having to make more steps going to the bar than your average treadmill session. It is not that art is not on peoples mind. There is an artistic expression in every moment of our lives. From a well thought Instagram post to the fashion accessories and the Christmas jumpers, we all look to create stunning images. But what happens to our personal input in Art? Can we be artists?

The paint and prosecco organisers believe that we can. The activity in itself is pretty simple. You gather a group of art lovers in a trendy bar, then guide them step by step to create a canvass. The experience is complete with easels, palettes and an Arts teacher. In the end, you go home with a canvass that is your creation. The activity is presented as an artistic experience. Indeed, most of you will probably learn how to use a brush better than before. Your new-found skills can be useful for the Christmas or Halloween decorations as well as allow you to produce impressive doodles during the boring times in the office. But in essence, this is a networking activity with art thrown in the mix. This is the main reason why these activities attract men and women in their early to mid-thirties. Young souls that are feeling not so young anymore from years of partying try to find other activities that bring them to a bar, but with a different agenda.

What will you Paint and Prosseco?

Most of these popup art events use a painting as a template. Then the group reproduces that painting. It is not as difficult as it sounds. Actually it doesn\’t sound difficult either. On other occasions, you can bring your dog with you and paint the four-legged best bodies. Really, anything can be a subject for drawing or painting. While some subject might require more work than others, the whole thing is about fun and togetherness.  Generally, most topics include acceptable subjects. A flower vase or the sky can always be a good point of inspiration. Nobody has tried yet to paint their own shoes or the homeless guy outside the pub as yet. Why? Most people that go to such events go to relax. Any controversial topics stay outside the agenda. So the group can paint nice cute things that fill their nice cute life.

The venues for paint and prosecco

From the likes of the Jar to Cafe en Seine the venues that are home to this pop art scene are stylish. Usually, the fee covers the obligatory glass of prosecco and a light meal. The thing that all these venues have in common is stylish decor and a trendy clientele. The people that frequent a venue make the venue come alive. In Dublin, Paint and prosecco evenings attract the kind of people that like to have a certain quality in life. The kind of quality that you get if you don\’t blow your hard-earned cash on rounds of shots. You will find yoga teachers, IT professionals, hospitality professionals. Generally, the people that frequent the paint and prosecco evenings are pleasant easy-going folk. Other venues include painting studios, five-star hotels and manor houses …or their gardens, just to add the Victorian era feeling to the event.

The origins of Paint and Prossecco

Painting classes have been around since the time of the great flood. But this type of socialising arty activities came to life a few years ago in the UK. Known as \”brushes and bubbles\” events they were the perfect hangouts for ladies that dine. If you look way back, you will discover a TV series from the States called painting with Bob Ross. What was amazing about this series – apart from Bob Ross being the only white man with an afro – is the ease with which he taught painting techniques. Similarly, nowadays, if the instructor is able to show simple moves of the brush in a clear manner, anybody can reproduce a painting. It is sfae to say that the origins of drawing classes in Ireland come from the innovative spirit of bar owners. In a time of a mediocre financial wealth, the venues will always come up with exciting ideas to draw in the crowds.

Socialising and Teambuilding

Paint and prosecco is a group activity. With Christmas party ideas running low, this is another activity which workplaces that want to try something new can add to their list. Also, as a team-building event drawing can help a team relax and find its own pace of interaction. Even though it not advertised as a singles event, it is a perfect setting for romance to flower. It is ideal for those that like an easy-going setting for meeting other like-minded singles. If there is a creative spark, the potential Romeos and Juliettes can stay on and work more on the prosecco and less on the painting.

Life Drawing Party – Paint and prosecco for Hens

The truth is that a Hen Party is not usually a tame affair. A group of ladies that want to celebrate in style will have other things in mind as part of a wild night. Indeed, sitting still around a table and drawing is not top priority. Simply because drawing flowers and misty mountains doesn\’t exactly fit the hen party mood. Having said that adding a male nude model to a paint and prosecco evening could really spice things. Draw a nude is the adult version of paint and prosecco. You could call it paint, prosecco and p***s   if you wish. But in the hen party world, it has a name already. Life drawing model entertainment has made the news a few times in 2019.

Life drawing models can add … well… life… to your paint and prosecco evening in many imaginative ways.
Imagine sitting around a stylish bar with your best buddies. Then instead of having a bouquet of flowers to paint, you end up painting a nude model. The idea behind this spicy version of paint and prosecco is to make sure that everybody spends more time laughing and having fun than actually painting. It might not seem like the ideal art class. At the same time, it is by far the most entertaining experience for those that want to break away from the dull hen party activities

Life Drawings will offer you a wide range of amazing life drawing models that can light up your Hen party with the stroke of a brush… or the drop of towel.


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