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Cork Draw a nude activity

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Cork, also know as the Republic of Cork offers a nightlife few can fathom. When it comes to Life drawing Cork is one of the best places to organise one. As a city, Cork has homed many fine artists throughout the years. Our Life drawing Cork models have a ton of experience in posing nude for professional artists and hen crowds alike. Most of you would choose Cork for its no bs approach to partying. The pints are about 1.5 euros cheaper than your Temple bar rip off deal, the bouncers are less bulky and the lads have Cork accents. Can it be any sexier? Well once you get a life drawing model to pose nude for your hen party you will probably need to get your jaw checked. We guarantee that the looks and the banter that that comes with the looks are to die for.

Draw a nude activity

The activity in itself is pretty simple. All the ladies take their seats, pens, pads and await the arrival of the emperor\’s new clothes. The male model arrives with a towel around his waist. He meets the ladies has a chat, cracks a few jokes, then still with the towel around his dingle dangle he takes a few poses. Some of the ladies start drawing, some look for their phones and wait for the towel to drop. Then he will take a few longer poses and the hens will keep drawing.  The routine is designed to keep you entertained throughout your experience. You will feel relaxed and can also socialise with your fellow artists.

Life Drawing Cork – Rebel vibes

Painting is a revolution. There are no rules when it comes to expression. The way you see the model is your way. most of the times we don\’t bother with instructors as we want the draw a nude experience to be as authentic as possible. The venues vary. You could enjoy your paint and prosecco session in the comfy cushions of a yoga studio, or the fancy chairs of a city-center bar. In any case, our life drawing models are the stars of this experience. Somewhere between an Art Class and a male cabaret performance, this Hen party activity will make the bride blush and the bridesmaids compete for a place closer to the model. If you have not drawn anything since your arts and crafts class, don\’t worry. We are not here to mark your painting skills but to fire your creative side…. with naughty twist.

Local tips

Cork is home to one of the best Japanse Takeaways in the world, Miyazaki. You will experience a world of flavours and fine dining quality without the prices and the fanfare of fine dining.


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