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So what is all this madness with the Life Drawing classes? Art is for everybody and being able to bring to the fore the artistic talents of the uninitiated is in itself an activity that deserves the public\’s attention. Nowadays reputable companies are putting together packages that include artists, life drawing models and a ton of extras to make the experience as pleasurable as possible. The setup is available from Art Studios, individual artists and Hen Party organisers. While the core of the idea is very simple, the way it is presented can leave the prospective participant confused. Is it really that complex? What happens if your inner artists fails to awaken? Is this activity for people whose last drawing was in the toilets of their local? What about the naked Life Drawing model? Is he just going to be there silent and naked?

Nude drawing for budding artists

This is really a Life Drawing class. While there are a lot of beginners classes on offer from a lot of studios, the aim is to paint and not to giggle. As a result the studio teacher will expect you to be able to hold a pencil. So, before you join a Life drawing Class in a studio it is a good idea to have a bit of practice before hand with apples and bananas. The human body is a bit more challenging. If you fail to draw a banana, drawing a penis will seem like a chore. For our Life Drawing models Dublin offers a sea of opportunities. Dublin is awash with high end and beginners studios alike. If you are a nude model in Dublin you will be in high demand. As long as you look more like David of Michelangelo and less like a Francis Bacon painting.

Life Drawing Hen Party Activity

So let\’s look at the classic package that your Hen Party organisers put together as a  Life Drawing Hen party activity. Here you need to forget the rules of painting. As a matter of fact, the further your masterpiece stand from Fine Art, the better. The aim here is to have fun and enjoy a giggle with your girlies. On the other hand if the Picasso in you decides to make an appearance, do not miss the opportunity. Show your talent and skill. The thing is that the audience is your Hen Party crew and the empty glasses. So by all means do paint and create, but don\’t expect a round applause. What baffles most Hens, is the elaborate set up of such events. Having a bubbly reception is always a good idea, but most ladies on a night out would rather have their fave cocktail as a session starter.

Since the main attraction of the activity is the Life Drawing Model…and his muscles, the facilitator is kinda lost in the room. Do you really think that a teacher can turn you into a painter in a matter of two hours?

Venues for Life Drawing Activities

The venue is important to create the right atmosphere. Life Drawings Ireland work closely with top venues all over Ireland. There are Hen party organisers that would rather book a studio or a function room in a hotel. There pros and cons for both options. Some might say that a bar is a bit informal. Night clubs with their dim lighting don\’t really help the inspiration and the proximity to the bar might lead to interruptions. Like the model is going to get up and go…. Actually the reason that most Hen Organisers book hotel rooms is simple. They have probably booked the group in the same hotel.

The bar setup is more relaxing and if the hens want they can avail of the special offers at hand. The best option is to hold the activity around 5 pm so that you can then enjoy refreshments and refuelling literally next door.

The nude models are the stars

What model don\’t really get is the over the top set up. If you have ever been to such an activity, you will recognise that the driving force behind the whole thing is the actual model. Let us explain…For example. Let\’s say that you don\’t have a tutor. You could still draw the model, right? And what if the hotel is booked out? In that case a quiet space in bar would work out fine. Finally lets assume the model doesn\’t show up. You definitely don\’t have an activity anymore. I mean you could draw portraits of each other… Right.

What\’s also important is the appearance of the model. Art Galleries opt for the normal dude look. A bit of a belly, some bushy parts, wrinkles are also good for the charcoal fans… On the contrary a Hen Party activity needs life drawing models built like ancient Roman statues. Well formed muscles and smooth surfaces. A nude model that the hens really want to touch to check if he is real. Naturally just good looks are not enough. While the model is silent during drawing, a cheek in tongue session after the activity is the cherry on the naked pie.

Which experience suits you best ?

Your usual Life Drawing Hen Party activity will involve a nude model and art materiel. Oh and a couple of cold ones from the bar. The option for a tutor and a long list of useless extras is always there, but think of what you really want. As a matter  Ryan Air and multi item Hen Party packages have a few things in common.

Definitely you should pick your model. You need the right kind of inspiration for such a special night. Then choose what kind of artistic activity suits best your group. While drawing and whispering to each other could be the ideal setting to start a Hen Party….you might consider a louder and prouder version of that. Body painting, laughing your heart out and getting down and dirty might be more popular with wilder flocks. Or maybe you just want to create a big door knob by using circular movements that will shape your clay into a formidable sculpture.

Whatever you decide to do make sure to get you Naked guys from a reputable source


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