Life Drawing Models: Ireland’s special Hen

Who are the Life Drawing models in Ireland

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The Life Drawing Models in Ireland are a key part of the ultimate Hen Party activity. An afternoon of drawing activities that invite you to get out of your comfort zone and play. Naturally this is a perfect combination of cheeky and chic! The ladies choose Ireland as a destination that has an amazing atmosphere, and very friendly people.

Even though our Irish guys are a bit on the shy side they definitely make you feel really welcome. So much that they can even pour a glass of bubbly for you while wearing only your imagination.  Our Guys are professional Life drawing Models with qualities that Greek Gods would envy. They provide a show as well as inspiration for budding artists. Actually our guys are professional entertainers. At the end of the day you need to be outgoing to be able to pose nude in front of a group of people.

Charming men with tangible qualities are so close to you now.

Where to find the best Life Drawing models

It all takes place in the heart of all the cities in Ireland. Wherever a hen party is happening there is a great chance that you find one of our guys. If you want to paint a nude young model in Dublin or Galway …or even Kilkenny and Carlingford, you will probably meet your perfect arty match in on of the main venues in town. You can just raise a glass to your Hen and he will reveal himself in all his beauty. A surprise entry is exactly what you need for a good start for your party. Life drawing classes are a new popular trend spreading throughout Ireland. As you might have a wide variety of options, we suggest that you have a look at the models that you are booking beforehand.You will be spoiled for choice.

There are models of all shapes and sizes. On the other hand round is a shape you want to avoid during such shenanigans. Bony old fellas with a look of desire upon their face are also a no-no. We suggest to choose a shape that is in shape and a smile that stores more charm than bewilderment.  employ only top nude models.

When to slot the Life Drawing Hen Party Activity

Timing is important, especially if you have 48 hours to explore the city and have fun. Our expert party organisers will recommend an activity that bonds the team together before that let their hair down and add a pair of uncomfortable heels to their attire. So either before going for a meal or as a lunch activity, painting a nude will help with you digest the fine dining. Another good slot for a draw a nude class is around lunchtime. Just before the afternoon slump kicks in, you could admire the biceps of a man with a chiselled jaw and piercing eyes. Do you already feel like a perv? Good!

Do you have to know how to paint to attend

Maybe you have spent time in an Art College. Or maybe the last time you drew something was years ago in the school bathrooms. We don\’t really care about your talent. On the contrary, we are here to make sure that you have a good time and that embarrassing photos of the bride to be leak on Instagram. We can arrange for a professional painter to arrive early enough and asses the craftsmanship of the group. But what usually is more popular with the ladies is a buff butler. Actually as a extra bonus to your painting experience we can add a sexy young man to host the evening. So no, you don\’t need to know how to paint. You just need to be sober enough to sit down and hold a pencil.

What to wear during a Life drawing class

This is an odd one. We encourage comfortable clothing during our Hen party Life drawing activity. Flat shoes as you might end up running after the model…in case he get a bit intimidated from a screaming flock of hens. Comfortable top that can allow your hands to move freely on the canvas. all in all we advise you to wear clothign that brings out the artist in you. And if that is a bunny onesie, so be it.

Who not to bring to Paint a Nude

The Life drawing classes are ideal as you can get everybody on board. Even if you have conservative ladies in your group, art conquers all. But if any of the ladies started her breakfast with vodka, then you might want to catch up with her and vodka later in the club. Also ladies that haven\’t seen a man since Eve saw Adam, might get a bit too excited. We welcome mischief and naughty behaviour, but not plain stupid.

What is the ideal number for a Life Drawing class

In order to have fun playing any game you need a group that allows everybody to participate. And that\’s why the Life Drawing experience is such a good choice. Actually there is no limit on the number of participants. This activity is a team activity but also allows each hen to create in her own coop. At the same time it does depend on the time you have at hand. If you have a big group of girls attending, you should allow more time for full experience.

What happens to the artwork

It really depends on what part of the night you want to remember. If the portrait of a nude male model is something you want to hang on your wall, we can definitely facilitate that. Or maybe you just wan to take a photo with the model and your masterpiece. Either way our guys are very accommodating.

Make sure to book well in advance your life drawing model, as availability is limited during the summer months.

Be a Picasso and start collecting tons of laughs and Giggles.

Happy Nude Model hunting !


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