Which Life Drawing models turn your Hen into a tragedy…or commedy

Life drawing Hen party – Naughtiness in Disguise

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Let\’s face it. A hen party in Ireland can be pretty tame if you compare it with the likes of Marbella and Benidorm. As a matter of fact, you will not be able to take selfies in a bikini while touring the coast on a catamaran with a DJ and models. The sun makes only guest appearances in Ireland. That means you, the Hens, will have to take refuge indoors for most of your hen do. Bar hopping, SCI activities, and art classes are a few of the things a group of hens can enjoy. And you can\’t have a figure drawing class without a nude male model. Life drawing models can add spice to your Temple bar burrito. As the  \’draw-a-nude\’ activities are becoming a standard feature of hen parties, the hens will always look for the best deal in town.

The question is: where do we invest our hard-earned euros?

There are professional companies out there that will offer a \’paint and prosecco\’ experience. Most of these organizers avoid having live nude drawing models. And there is good reason behind that. Actually choosing the right figure drawing model for your class is a daunting task. Indeed, good looks and a charming persona are key to fun and create a life drawing hen party. But are there any rules on what type of life drawing models to avoid in Ireland. Our nude wisdom below

The very skinny life drawing model

Most of Life Drawing models have already a modeling career as a commercial model. Have you heard about the zero size? Actually it is a reality for both male and female models. So, if you hire a life drawing model based on his chiseled chin, you might see your chin travel south when you see him in the nip. While a well-defined rib cage is something a professional painter want to draw, the normal domesticated hen will feel repulsed by it.

The exhibitionist nude model

The professional attitude is what sets our male models apart. Once the towel drops, they will not seek to make their privates the key feature of your canvass. But the exact pposite can happen if you life drawing model is a bit of …ahem..flasher. You know, there are models out there that join this profession just to watch the reactions of women. Any models that walk into the art class making hip movements that turn his penis into a helicopter propella is a no-no.

The Chatterbox Life Drawing model

A nude model is an entertainer. As a result, you will end up have a bit of chit chat and banter with him. But, once in while you will get the guy that just can\’t shut up. \’Is my bicep big enough for you girls? Can I throw my penis over my shoulder?\’. While a few jokes are crucial to break the ice, but a model that is trying to be both a source of inspiration and a stand-up comedian at the same time, just doesn\’t work.

The untrained common student

Life drawing classes are an easy way for those men that think they are good looking to make some porter money. Just because the guy goes to the gym it doesn\’t mean he is an art model. Thus, when hens look for life drawing class they should also check the models the organisers are offering. You can easily spot the amateurs. Look for the scruffy but trendy apparel. Spot the spots on his thighs. The list is long, but if he looks like your boyfriend on a nudist beach then give it a miss.

The Farmer doing it for the \’craic\’

This is especially prevalent in the counties. Hen party organisers will struggle finding decent models to travel to….let\’s say Ballybunnion. An easy option is to put an add on the local paper and ask for anybod – really anybody – that wants to make some money standing but naked wearing wellies. Some fellas will take up on the offer. As the last time they stood naked in front of a woman had a different setup, don\’t expect them to transform into an art model in a jiffy. Suffer in pain and paint away.

The Gumtree guys

Any hen party that is looking on Gumtree for models should think again. Literally, anybody can post such ads, there are no photos and you could end up with Jose from Guatemala or Timmy from Tallaght…or a combination of all of the above.

The very old life drawing model

To be fair, most older guys are actually professional models that have worked with artist for years. But gravity is merciless and some part of your model\’s body will be closer to the floor than you expected. We need to paint all aspect of human life, true. But not on a hen party. A hen Party Life drawing session is a celebration of beauty in its prime. Painting the reality that awaits the bride to be in 30 years time just spoils the surprise.

The newbie – Life Drawing model in the making

Our company trains our guys carefully. A new member of our nude entourage is always in the company of a fully trained member of staff. Sadly, some organisers have the habit of throwing their nude models in the deep end. What you will get is a shy, clumsy naked young man. Not the worst experience in the world, and it can be very funny.

Try before you buy

When you book your Life Drawing \’paint and prosecco\’ experience, make sure to ask for credentials. Who are the models, what age are they and is there a photo? We can provide all the above and a top professional service. Book Now!


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