Common mistakes during a Life Drawing Hen Party

Common mistakes that you can easily avoid

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The brain is the most important part of the human body. But guess what? You will rarely hear someone say: This man has a beautiful brain. Nevertheless, a hen party lasts two days, and in those two days, the brain of the common hen suffers some setbacks. On one hand the tequila blackouts, on the other the sensual overload from male strippers and full monty shows. The Life Drawing Hen Party classes offer some vital mental space for the brain to relax and breathe while you are drawing a naked man. Or maybe not…it really depends on how naughty your brain is. At the same time in order to enjoy this activity, you need to make sure that certain basic are in place.

Draw a nude Hen Party timing

There is a time for sipping prosecco and there is a time for sitting down. In Dublin, Life Drawing Classes help you deal with both. But when planning your 2-hour slot for your arty activity you need to be aware of your schedule. There is no point in booking your life drawing model for 7 pm. By then half of your group will find it difficult to hold a phone let alone a pencil. The worst time actually is after dinner. With your bellies full and your red wine working its magic through your brain, your drawing skills will be worse than those of your toddler on the living room walls.

The Life drawing Hen Party models

When booking a life drawing model some hens go for the packaged option. Hen party organisers are great at putting together loads of fancy extras. Indeed, you can have painter berets included in the price. At the same time what makes the draw-a- nude activity so special is the nude. So before looking at the options of venues, drink and food packages and fancy bits that are included in your paint-a-nude package…ask for the photo of the guy! There is no point in choosing a drawing activity based on the list of things you will do and forgetting about the main attraction.

Pricing of your draw-a-nude activity

When shopping around, you will find prices that vary based on location and season. While most hens compare the prices of different companies for the same activity, there is a wiser way to go about it. Think of the total price rather than price per person. How much will the bill be in the end? A price of €25 per person might be attractive, but how big is your group? Life Drawing Hen activities can add value to your weekend as ice breakers and relaxing intermissions. But what other activities are out there that can suit that purpose? And at what price

Fancy venues – Best locations for your Life Drawing Hen Do

A hen party might want to add some extra posh points to their journey. In such cases, the hens will end up having their draw a nude class in an art studio or a five-star hotel. But fancy venues mean fancy prices. As the aim of the activity is fun and relaxation, a semi-formal venue works wonders for the group. City center bars always welcome a bit of extra trade in the afternoon. Bear in mind, for a successful Hen do art class you definitely need a nude model. And you definitely need a bar. All the rest are up for discussion on busy WhatsApp groups.

Arriving on time for your Life Drawing Class

It looks like an obvious one, but Life Drawings Ireland struggle with this all the time. Really, the lasses of Dublin are the top offenders. If you are meant to arrive at your venue at 19.00 and you show up at 19.30 you need a reality check. Art classes are tricky as you need the whole group to create a group atmosphere. Our Life Drawing models can assure you that you will benefit from arriving 10 min earlier. This way you can make sure that your shots with the nude model are Instagram worthy.

Confusing Life drawing with a flirting competition

We know that our life drawing hen party models are stunning young men. At the same time, this doesn’t give you permission to keep asking them for their phone number or their relationship status. To make matters worse, when you are taking a group photo with him, you don\’t push the bride so you can get closer.

This is a painting class

While fun and giggles are important, drawing is part of our relaxation package. Refusing to draw a nude for any reason, bar a broken arm, is not acceptable. For all those ladies that think they can\’t draw, our nude models can help them with their shakey hand.

Choice of outfit for your life drawing classes

It might seem strange, but showing up in your Hen night attire is not ideal. Naturally, you want to relax while drawing. Thus comfy shoes and easy to wear tops are perfect for this. High heels that get in the way, long dresses that will get crumpled on a chair and intricate hair pieces are not.


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