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Welcome to Wicklow, the home of the Vikings. Not the real Vikings, but the studio where the famous series is shot is near Roundwood. The shooting of the series brought together many professional actors and good looking extras. Some of these fine young men work as our life drawing models.  Wicklow is popular with Dublin hen parties looking to avoid the mayhem of the big smoke. Friendly locals, easy-going bars and amazing scenery make a hen in Wicklow a bit like a romantic getaway. You could stroll around the lakes, explore the woods and make friends while touring the garden of Ireland. As a hen party activity in Wicklow life drawing fits perfectly with the arty feeling of the place. Wicklow has inspired painters and writers alike, and there are a ton of amazing trails you can explore while trying to get in shape for the big day.

Draw a nude activity

If you stay in one of Wicklow\’s finest hotels and guesthouses, you will notice the style belonging to a bygone era. The drawing room is the place where the posh ladies of the past had tea, painted and flirted with the wealthy gentry of that time. Maybe flirting has steadily moved to Tinder, but the drawing part is still alive and well. Since every Tinderella needs a Prince Charming, we bring you one that is as perfect as the picture we will send you. For your life drawing activity, we have the best looking male models in store. Yes, they are naked. So what? You will choose your perfect life drawing model for the occasion and we will make sure that he will inspire and entertain you. In the end, he will make sure that you get loads of photos with him, just in case your workmates don’t believe you.

Life Drawing Wicklow sessions – The gist

Our Life Drawing Classes in Wicklow are available all year round. We will offer professional male models and you get to have a sneaky peek at their profile. For taught classes we can get a very boring teacher that will teach you how to paint. At the same time, we need to let you know that our models are entertainers. They will make you smile, warm up the heart of the cranky aunt and charm the pants of the nuns that you might be related to. So we would like you to have fun and draw a nude model. We will not try to turn your Hen Party in Wicklow into an Art College, but you will get to keep your masterpiece.

Local tips

Do visit Tinahealy Farm. The quaint village of Tinahealy is surrounded by lush forests and the farm is full of cute animals you can pet….or eat 😉 Serioulsy good food and loads of cardio work combined. Highly recommended.


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