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Waterford Draw a nude activity

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Waterford has a long tradition of fine arts. From modern art to glass manufacturing and woodcraft the city is full of artists of different disciplines. On the long list of artistic endeavors, we have added a well-thought activity that marries performance and visual arts. Life Drawing Waterford activities are perfect for those ladies that would like a bit more than a silent and still life drawing model. While there a good few art studios that offer life drawing lessons, hen party life drawing activities take art to a different level. Hosted by Waterford\’s most stunning men, 90 min of pure joy awaits you. Suitable for all ages over 18, this involves fun and giggles as well as time for meeting and greeting your group.

Draw a nude activity

The draw-a-nude activity does involve a nude male model. So if you are easily offended, don\’t wear your glasses and you will be fine. The interaction between the models and the hens is respectful and light-hearted. You will be asked to draw the models in their natural environment, but we will guide you every step along the way. Having said that the aim of this life drawing Waterford activity is not really for you to become masters of the palette. The most important thing in this activity is to have fun, enjoy the company of the model and engage in banter with the other ladies. Drawing a nude male model is entertaining and helps you focus and relax. Think of paint and prosecco with a twist.

Life Drawing Waterford – The thee Ps

Paint, prosecco and penis? Well if you see it that way we don\’t mind. But we prefer Paint, Prosecco, and Party. It is essentially a Party for ladies that like art, entertainment and the finer things in life. This is a meet and greet session but drawing is also important. Since not all of you have a natural talent, we suggest that you draw as you wish. The aim of art is to express your feeling not to draw perfect abs and other muscles.  Waterford bars like the Kazbar and Revolution will lend our life drawing models their hidden spaces during times that are not as busy. This means that we can facilitate such exercises in art during the afternoon hours. You can book with confidence our amazing guys so that the Hen Party can start with some naked inspiration. You can also arrange your late-night entertainment in the same venue if you think that you will be too lazy to walk around town after your life drawing class.

Local tips

While in Waterford you cannot miss the local delicacy that is the Waterford Blaa. This is a soft bun, akin to the bap, but much softer and simply delicious. You can find examples of this origin protected goodies all over Waterford, but Barron\’s cafe in Capoquinn Co. Waterford has the ancient ovens to deliver the fancy results. Stuff them with local goodies. Mussels are the main sea crop of Waterford so keep chewing and drawing a nude in Waterford.


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