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Wexford and the sunny southeast will always attract hen parties and the lovers of the arts in general. The sandy beaches of Kilmore Quay or the fairy forests of Tintern Abbey offer the kind of inspiration a girl needs before she embarks on a journey of ‘together forever’. Such natural beauty can only become better with our Life drawing Wexford activities. The quest for love goes through different stages. The Hen party is the comic stage. You will need to smile, bond and have some me-time in the process. Draw-a-nude sessions are perfect for making sure that the whole hen group socialises and has a fair share of laughs and giggles. The arty feeling of Wexford town will pour into the studios that organise such events.

Draw a nude activity

The Draw a nude experience is for those looking for a creative outlet during their hen weekend away. Not only does Wexford offer amazing venues in Art Studios and Art Centres in town, but is also home to top-class life drawing Wexford models. A male nude model could be almost anybody that has a need to express himself in the nip. At the same time, we view the Life Drawing Classes in Wexford as a form of performance art. The nude model is an entertainer that will make you smile. He will also keep the order in case some of the hens get carried away. Look at it as a pit stop among the different places and venues that you will visit during your hen weekend in Wexford.

You will get to draw a nude and will take home the masterpiece you created. Naturally, our model will focus on the bride having fun. So you need to let her have the centre stage.

Life Drawing Wexford – Opera and sailors

Wexford used to be one of Ireland\’s main ports not so long ago.  The town has a lot of bars and restaurants themed around the seafaring tradition of Ireland. You can fit in with a sailor theme for your hen party. You can dress up as mermaids and let the nude model be the sailor. All you need for this activity is a good sense of humour and a professional life drawing model. The Opera Festival offers two long weekends of the finest primadonnas in the world. For those of you that either are or want to feel posh, this is your opportunity to dress up in fancy frocks and enjoy the fine dining that the town offers. Your Life Drawing class is suitable for everybody, but it fits like a glove in a schedule of continuous pampering.

Local tips

Don’t miss the opportunity to try some of the best cuisines in Ireland during your Wexford visit. La Cote restaurant, on the pier, has won numerous awards. The head chef and owner, Paul Hynes was voted Chef of the year 2019.


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